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Turkey with new e-Visa for groups

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By Michael Bobbin |

Turkey has been working on delivering and developing high class tourism services for some while now. Wishing to make their market more accessible, the Turkish authorities have launched a new visa procedure as of April 11th this year.

The electronic Visa Application System is designed to allow visitors better access to the e-Visa, online.

However, the application is only available for group ranging from ten to 300 people. Strategically, this is considered a local step, as it encourages the development on exclusive packages for large groups.

The ‘group’ criteria also impose some restrictions in order to counter specula and frauds. Individuals withing the group have to originate from the same country and fit the same group type (normal, diplomatic, etc.) and their arrival must be set at the same date.

The e-Visas will be valid throughout the stay, starting with the date set as the arrival date.

While holding the e-Visa, the visitors can enter Turkey at any given time during the validity period.

Another important aspect to take into account is that all pre-requisites for the e-Visa have to be met by every member of the group.

Strategic moves as such which involve the use of modern technology in order to target a large group are a current custom in the tourism industry world-wide.

The trend shows an increasing affinity rate towards technology oriented services, from mobile check-ins and bookings to virtual plane tickets, the market is ready for the next big change.

Turkey, as well as other tourism oriented countries, is showing that their offer is keeping up with today’s needs in order to remain competitive and anchored in the modern tourism needs.

Opting for a group e-Visa is a great tool for money control while abroad and is also being implemented in other countries world-wide. Turkey

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