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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Travel Wires – FAQ

Travel Wires – FAQ

By Travel Wires

Travel Wires is an on-line news and press release distribution platform that focuses on providing its users the opportunity of developing new marketing goals for their businesses. By using efficient on-line PR and marketing tools, our customers can increase awareness, publicity and get more connectivity opportunities for their companies.
Our available features and press release packages are listed here.
For information presented in a press release, please contact the company issuing the written materials. For publishing conditions you can check our Editorial guidelines and policy section on our website, here.
Travel Wires accepts distribution of standard news release format, in accordance with our “Terms and conditions” and our “Editorial guidelines and policy” here.
Travel Wires does not accept the following kinds of texts:
  • potentially harmful to a third party
  • advertisements, fiction, blog posts or spam
  • not newsworthy material
  • sexually explicit content or profanity
For a better understanding of our press release distribution conditions and to have exact information on what kind of material our company does not accept for publishing, please visit our website “Editorial guidelines and policy” here.
On-line press releases should contain between 300 to 800 words, as the length of your release can directly affect your distribution due to search engines indexing.
Please consider that each file attachment for one press release must be less than 4MB.
A valid contact name, e-mail address and phone number are required each time our company is solicited to publish new material.
Yes, you can later edit your release by simply selecting the “edit” button in your account menu.
An editorial hold is the time that your press release will stay on hold before its distribution, to have our editors check if it is compliant to our editorial policy. If revisions needed, one of our editors will notify you via e-mail and assist you along the process.
When writing your news release, make sure it is comprehensive, compelling, timely, interesting, relevant and in accordance to our instructions in our “Editorial guidelines and policy” section here. Also, according to your company's needs and given materials, our editorial team can write your press release for you. Have a look at our special packages.
Depending on the chosen package, your news release will be published immediately after an editor's content approval. Review time takes from two to three hours.
Your release remains on-line at travelwires.com forever.
  • The quality of your press release directly influences your PR visibility
  • Standard, relevant and timely news releases get higher rankings in search engines
  • The more releases you send for publishing, the more reach you will attain and your chances of developing your business will increase

Achieving excellence in connecting travel and business

TravelWires delivers immediate press release distribution services and travel industry news exposure to a global on-line audience network. Featuring special events and destinations, our website covers updates on the tourism sector news, consumer information, as well as releases about company performance and latest products on the market.

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