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Peru Unveils Ambitious Proposal for a Digital Nomad Visa Program


Peru has unveiled intentions to introduce a novel visa catering to digital nomads.

This visa will grant remote workers the opportunity to reside in the country for a full year, with the option of extension.

At present, citizens of the European Union can journey to Peru under a 183-day tourist visa.

The primary objective of this innovative initiative is to allure global professionals to Peru, with the expectation that they will stimulate the nation's economy through contributions to tourism and services, all while fostering cultural interchange.

The aspiration is for certain visitors to choose to stay in the country and embark on entrepreneurial pursuits by transitioning to an investor visa.

Who qualifies for Peru's digital nomad visa?

Peru's recent digital nomad visa is tailored for remote employees engaged by companies located outside the country. Consequently, they will not be required to secure a distinct work visa.

The government, in November, declared its anticipation that the prolonged stay will afford nomads the opportunity to delve into the country's tourist attractions, culinary delights, and cultural offerings while engaging in remote work.

This visa will become accessible once the impending amendments to Peru's Migration Law are formalized and released.

Is Peru a favorable destination for digital nomads?

Peru boasts a burgeoning digital nomad community, particularly in the capital, Lima, where coworking spaces abound, including those associated with internationally recognized brands like WeWork.

Furthermore, Peru presents an economical cost of living for nomads employed by European companies. According to the crowd-sourced online database Numbeo, consumer prices, encompassing rent, are 87% lower in Peru compared to Italy, 112% lower than in France, and 120% lower than in the UK.

The country also offers a plethora of ancient cultural sites and natural marvels to explore during leisure time, ranging from the renowned Machu Picchu to the diverse Amazon rainforest and the peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash.

Peru's national cuisine, featuring bold flavors such as fresh ceviche and the subtly smoky 'lomo saltado' stir-fried beef, is an additional draw for enthusiasts of diverse culinary experiences.

Which other South American countries provide a digital nomad visa?

Peru joins the ranks of South American nations embracing the trend of remote work visas.

In Argentina, as of the previous year, digital nomads can enjoy stays of 180 days, with the option for renewal, provided they can demonstrate a sufficient source of income from outside the country.

Brazil introduced a remote work visa in 2022, allowing extendable stays of one year, followed by Ecuador, which permits two-year stays.

This year, Colombia initiated a two-year digital nomad visa, while Uruguay introduced a renewable 180-day visa.

Source: euronews.com

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