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KLM Unveils Android Smartwatch App  


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will run a trial using Android smartwatch technology that will offer passengers specific trip information. The app will help travellers with all relevant airport-related activities besides providing them with the boarding pass.

Tjalling Smit, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce at Air France-KLM, commented: "The KLM smartwatch app provides passengers with useful and up-to-date flight information at a simple glance. In the future, we will further improve and link together technologies to offer modern services, ensuring that passengers know what the next step of their journey will be."

Smartwatch owners who install the KLM app on their Android smartphone will be able to check their flight overview in KLM's smartwatch app any time after making a booking. They will start getting trip-related notifications 24 hours prior to the flight's departure time.

Upon entering Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, passengers automatically receive a notification on their smartwatch with information about the gate and boarding time. Tapping the notification allows travellers to swipe between all significant flight information. An hour before takeoff, passengers get a message with their boarding pass, which can be scanned at the gate. The passenger is sent a final notification with the seat number just before departure.

Using iBeacon technology, KLM last year launched an airport navigation service as part of this approach, and it helps transfer customers find their next gate at Schiphol.

KLM is testing the smartwatch technology at the moment to make necessary adjustments to enhance user experience.



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