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China Will Build the World Muslim City Themed Park


China will build an amusement park with a strange and controversial theme: Muslim culture and lifestyle, that will promote a new vision of the authorities about the state of Islam, informs slate.fr

China is exposing itself as the decision is truly paradoxical: despite the repression practiced on a Muslim ethnic group in Xinjiang Province, China encourages other Muslim community on its territory.

The new Muslim-themed amusement park, World Muslim City, will be completed by 2020 in the city of Yinchuan. The region was not randomly chosen. Yinchuan is the main city of Ningxia Hui, an autonomous region dominated by a population practicing Islam, speaks Mandarin and enjoy the tolerance of the Beijing authorities, writes slate.fr.

The project’s budget is 3.5 billion dollars. Visitors traveling in the Ningxia Hui will be able to admire the Gilded Palace, a construction modeled on the architecture of a mosque, and have fun watching a sound and light show inspired by the fairy tale One Thousand and One Nights. Like in the Disney parks, Aladdin will be an important figure of the themed park. More,for a more immersive experience , guests will also be able to dress up in traditional Muslim clothing.

Through the amusement park of Yinchuan, the Chinese leaders are turning their eyes to a romanticized version of Islam, which they intend to encourage. An additional terminal has already been designed and will be built in Ningxia airport to receive the Muslims worldwide and a number of direct flights will be welcomed from Mongolia and Jordan, slate.fr writes.

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