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Car Rental in Montenegro


By AutoTrevel | 2017-10-20 14:17:24

As an American, I have always wanted to travel through Eastern Europe. The cultures and people of this region have always fascinated me and it has always been a dream of mine to visit some of the many places that I had only read about. With such a variety of destinations offered I was going to need to plan carefully for this once in a lifetime experience. 

Not only would I have to be specific in selecting my destinations to visit; I would also need to decide on my mode of transportation on this trip, either by bus or car rental.

One of the countries that I decided upon was Montenegro. With a deep history that reaches back from the times of the former Roman province of Dalmatia to modern day Montenegrin independence, there is much to learn about first hand. There is also much to see. From the 8,314 ft peak of Zla Kolata to the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea, my choice of destinations would be far from limited. With so many locations that I wished to visit, it concerned me that a bus tour may not give me the time or freedom that I wanted in order to explore. It was then that I decided that renting a car would give me both.

As an American who spoke only English, I worried that the car rental process may prove overwhelming. Fortunately for me, I stumbled across Auto-Travel.me during my research on the subject. Not only did I find information about how to go about renting a car in the country; I learned about the things that I would need as a driver. I could even select a specific type of car!

By simply entering the desired dates and the locations I wanted to pick up and return the car, I was given a list of the available vehicles as well as the prices for the rental itself. After selecting the car I was able to book it by simply putting in my contact information and credit card details. The site even helped me understand and navigate the subject of insurance in Montenegro. After just a few minutes, I received an email that contained all of the details I needed, including the contact information and location of the rental company. Just like that, my car was waiting for me.

With my foreign passport and my driver’s license, I was all set. I was now able to plan my road trip more accurately. While a less adventurous individual might opt for a guided tour that includes travel by bus, I found that the freedom offered through car rental allowed me to pick the exact places that I wanted to visit and the ability to take the amount of time that I desired at each location.

This allowed me to spend hours at popular destinations as well as some places that I came across during my travels that I would never have seen on a bus tour.

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