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British Airways focuses on Antigua and Barbuda

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The summer of 2015 brings good news for Antigua and Barbuda as new flights are being scheduled by British Airways.

The boost of interest in Antigua and Barbados is a result of a meeting carried out with British Airways in England, confirming the airline’s confidence in this travel sector.

The measure of adding an extra flight to these locations enables a 20% boost in capacity, thus making them more accessible for British tourists.

Asot Michael, Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism minister has made it clear that their strategy is oriented towards continuous development in the tourism sector.

Among the current and future developments for these exotic destinations is the near completion of the largest airport in East Caribbean which is bound to show positive effect in terms of air traffic flow as of this summer.

The minister also brought forward the fact that Antigua and Barbuda have made an agreement with Petrocaribe/Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas which translates into a 12% fuel cost reduction for British Airways.

Collaboration between governments and big franchise is especially important when discussing tourism. In the case of Antigua and Barbuda, the measurements taken by the tourism ministry are bound to show positive repercussions on the local economy as British tourists show a continuous increase for warm locations with quality services.    Antigua and Barbuda

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