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‘Follow the Sun’ campaign was the best tourism ad last month


The electronic campaign initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt during last March aimed to boost visits across popular local destinations.

According to AdColony, the campaign, named “Follow the Sun”, was awarded the title of best tourism advertisement for May 2022 for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The ad was promoted on TV and social media channels, with the goal of attracting more international visitors to Egypt.

“Follow the Sun” was launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities as part of the media strategy promoting Egypt and targeted travellers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy.

Amr Al-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB), declared that the ad reached over 6.5 million users of the AdColony app and almost 5.2 million full views, about 80% of the total number of views. 68.6 million views on social media were reported and almost 495.3 million users reached.

The campaign also triggered an increase in internet searches related to Egyptian tourism sector by an average of 121% when compared to 2021, with most searches registered in Italy - 262%, Germany - 212%, the United Kingdom - 134%, and France - 110%.


Source: dailynewsegypt.com

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