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Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight satellite data

Airline News
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370Satellite data regarding Malaysia Airlines MH370 has been released by the Malaysian government to the open public. The plane has been declared missing since March 18th 2014.

The released documents, compiled by British Inmarsat, have been used to determine that the plane has crashed in the southern region of the Indian Ocean.

The MH370 flight was connecting Kuala Lumpur and Beijing when the mysterious event occurred which led to the disappearance of the plane along with the 239 people on board. Most of these people were Chinese.

Prior to the incident, there has been a thorough search enabled which mobilized several countries and plenty of resources but without any luck. Another troubling aspect is that no answer has been given as far as what happened to the plane and why it has deviated from the course in the first place.

A certain level of pressure has been placed by the relatives of the people involved in this air tragedy in order to determine the Malaysian authorities to release more details from the ongoing investigation.

The data published HERE shows hourly signal communications between a satellite and the aircraft prior to its crash near Australia. The last contact was established at 00:19:38 UTC.

Questions remain unanswered as the tragedy passes as one of the most strange so far. From the telephone signals during the first hours which have shown that they were still functional to the accusations of lack of transparency, the Malaysia Airlines MH370 fate is still subject of interpretation until a coherent explanation is given. The probability for this, we believe, is closely related to the finding of the wreckage.

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