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Helsinki Airport Offers Extensive Electric Car Charging Options

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Helsinki Airport now features nearly 350 charging stations for electric cars across all parking halls, making it easier for travelers to charge their vehicles while on a trip.

Travelers flying from Helsinki Airport can now enjoy convenient and extensive charging options for their electric vehicles (EVs). Finavia, the airport operator, has installed nearly 350 charging stations across all parking areas, ensuring that every parking hall at Helsinki Airport is equipped with facilities for EV charging. This initiative allows passengers to leave their electric cars charging in their preferred parking hall during their travel.

The P1 Premium and P2 parking halls, located adjacent to the terminal, boast around 250 charging stations collectively. Notably, the P2 parking hall dedicates its entire third floor to charging electric cars, according to Jukka Isomäki, Finavia’s Head of Parking and Landside Traffic at Helsinki Airport.

For those parking in the P3 and P5 halls, additional charging options are available, with P3 hosting 30 stations and P5 providing 70 stations. This ensures ample charging capacity for travelers, regardless of where they choose to park.

Finavia also encourages travelers to pre-book their parking to secure the best rates and ensure access to preferred parking spaces. By booking in advance, customers can save money and enjoy the convenience of knowing their parking and charging needs are taken care of before their trip.

To learn more about the parking facilities and pre-booking options at Helsinki Airport, travelers can visit Finavia's official website. This development is a significant step towards accommodating the growing number of electric vehicle owners and promoting sustainable travel practices.

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