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Google launches enhanced hotel search features

Google launches inhanced hotel seach features

Customers are now able to get personalized search results, and find more appropriate places for them to stay in, narrowing it down even to the neighborhood. They can also get accurate receipts of how much a stay somewhere will cost, including taxes.

When it comes to booking a hotel, location is key. You could always stay in a popular neighborhood, but what if you’d rather have that off-the-beaten-path vibe? Or, what if you prefer to be within walking distance of the best nightlife? Good news: Google launched a new feature this week that will make it easier for travelers to book hotels and discover destinations, tailored to individual tastes.

Google is presenting the new "where to stay" button

When searching for a hotel on Google, travelers can now click “Where to stay” to get a rundown of different neighborhoods and the average cost of hotels there. Travelers then select which areas they’re interested in for a list of hotels in their preferred locations. If you’d rather stay in a sleepy part of town, for instance, you can opt to search for hotels only in that neighborhood.

Hotel results are getting more personalized, too. Google will remember if you’ve stayed at a property similar to the one you’re searching. So, if you loved that trendy hotel with a basement club, Google will recommend similar options in the new city. And if you’ve searched for a specific landmark, the search platform will recommend hotels nearby.

Google has also vowed to be more transparent about the pricing, showing exactly how much you’ll pay in resort fees and taxes compared to the nightly rate. To activate the feature, simply choose between “nightly total” and “stay total” under the “prices” tab.

Now, all that’s left to do is click “book.”

Source: travelandleisure.com

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