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Elon Musk didn’t spend Halloween at the Bran Castle


According to the media, Musk, one of the richest men on the planet and owner of Tesla, Space X and Twitter, has celebrated Halloween along his billionaire friends as well as Hollywood VIPs at the Bran Castle in Transylvania. The party, reported to have welcomed around 200 guests, took place on Sunday night, with the occasion of the well-known American tradition, subject to countless horror movies and books.

The guests attending the party have arrived in the little town of Bran after dark, as discretion was a very important aspect for everyone participating to the exclusive event. Among them - Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of the Google empire, Peter Thiel and Luke Nosek, founders of PayPal, Steve Jurvetson, founder of Hotmail and many more. Most of the guests travelled to Bucharest aboard of their private jets, and arrived to Bran in rented helicopters. Actress Angelina Jolie, an old friend of the billionaire’s, was also on the participants’ list, or at least that’s what the local media channels continuously stated over the week-end.

There were also rumours claiming that the billionaire himself checked-in a hotel in the city of Brasov.

“I know that Elon Musk is in Romania, I know that he was staying last night and the night before, I can’t tell you more. There are many hotels and the one I know of is definitely ready to receive important guests”, declared entrepreneur Dragoș Anastasiu.

However, no official confirmation related to Musk’s presence in the country was issued so far, as according to several sources of the Ministry of the Interior, neither Musk nor Jolie had recently crossed the Romanian border. The mayor of Bran, Mr. Ioan-Cosmin Feroiu, who was one of the party’s guests, also stated that he did not see Elon Musk during the event:

“I had the honour of being invited to the private party where there were about 200 people in costumes and masks. I can’t tell you for sure if Elon Musk was there or not. I personally didn’t see him, but it doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be under a certain mask. But I haven’t met him.”

Nonetheless, most of the other announced celebrities were spotted at the party. Hopefully they all enjoyed the Dracula’s experience as well as their short stay in beautiful Transylvania. This was not the first time that Bran Castle hosted a Halloween party, as it is considered to be a popular destination of choice for private events during the recent years.

About Bran Castle

The iconic castle located near Brasov has a rich history spanning across 6 centuries and is linked to Bram Stoker’s legend of Count Dracula, the one that brought Transylvania in the centre of the media’s attention in the last decades.

Now a museum heavily visited by people from all the corners of the world, Dracula’s cradle was built in 1388 in the Rucar Bran Pass and was formerly the favourite summer residence of Queen Maria. The monument is privately owned by Archduke Dominic Habsburg, Maria Magdalena Holzhausen and Elisabeth Sandhofer; nevertheless, they decided that it should remain open for public visits, as the place is a Romanian cultural heritage of crucial importance.


Source: romaniajournal.ro, tekdeeps.com

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