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The most unique places in the world to organize weddings


British publication Business Insider has revealed the most unusual and beautiful places where weddings can be held. Bora Bora underwater chapel and the small village of hobbits in New Zealand are just some of the dreamlike locations listed.

Every couple wants to have a special wedding and memories that remain embedded in the heart for life. Although most of them are likely to adopt the classical style choosing a celebration in a restaurant. But there are new places that can change a great event in a love story. The British publication Business Insider has made a top of the most original and beautiful places where weddings can be held.

On the top there is the Chapel of the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. Located on the outskirts of Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland can accommodate large parties, as the location is very spacious. Legend has it that long ago a Hungarian princess named Kinga, while on honeymoon with her husband, Count Boreslaw threw the engagement ring in a salt mine. Once in Poland, Princess commanded Wieliczka miners to dig a pit in the ground. In the first lump of salt brought to the surface the ring of Princess Kinga was discovered. In the ninth century, in the mine was dug a chapel in memory of Princess Kinga.

Hobbiton, the small village of hobbits in New Zealand offers an atmosphere worthy of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings". Guests can be served with canapés and champagne in the garden or can be invited in Manor Green Dragon, serving menus consisting in special dishes such as lamb encrusted with rosemary. Although the land was originally arranged as a movie set and not as a tourist destination, with the completion of filming was decided keeping the scenery for tourists.

The underwater chapel in Bora Bora is the right place for seaside lovers. Couples can wear white suits, which would highlight when swimming through the blue lagoon. They will be greeted by a Polynesian priest in charge of such ceremonies. They can even bring up their friends to attend the happy event.


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